As a speaker and leadership workshop facilitator Peter has inspired more than 4,500 leaders in executive education programmes.
Peter has dedicated over a decade to exploring links between leadership, innovation and music performance. He provides specialist leadership-coaching workshops in executive education across Europe and the US through an innovative programme with a deep, enduring impact.

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In 2008 Peter was honoured with an ongoing Associate Fellowship at the Saïd Business School, Oxford University, and has been External Associate Professor at Copenhagen University since 2009. He held the post of Artistic Director at the Centre for Art and Leadership with the Copenhagen Business School from 2003 – 2006.

Following several years experience as Producer with The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Executive Director of theatre company Hotel Pro Forma and the Art Museum Arken, he established Exart Performances. Exart Performances aims to communicate the experience, knowledge and techniques of performing arts in a leadership context.

Peter has appeared at numerous conferences and business development workshops across Europe and has taught Performing Leadership on the Oxford Strategic Leadership Program at the Saïd Business School since 2003. He was Artistic Director for the Centre for Art & Leadership at Copenhagen Business School from 2003 – 2006.

Peter is also a member of the European Cultural Parliament and was awarded the Einar Hansen’s Research Award in 2005. His first book ‘Performance & Lederskab’ (Danish) was published in 2008.

Notable positions:

  • Director and owner, Exart Performances founded 2002
  • Founder and Artistic Director, Voces Academy – www.voces.dk, www.vocesacademy.org
  • Guest conductor with European choirs and orchestras (DK, UK, SF, PL, SLO, D, NL)
  • Associate Fellow, Saïd Business School, Oxford University since 2008
  • External Associate Professor, Copenhagen University 2009-16
  • Artistic Director at Centre for Art and Leadership, Copenhagen Business School 2003-6

Recipient of the 2005 award from the Einar Hansen’s Research Foundation

Published writings:

Hanke, Peter: Performance & Lederskab. Passionen som drivkraft. Børsens Forlag 2008. 199 p.
Extracts in English: Performance and Leadership. 2012. Oxford

Hanke, Peter: Kulturens Skjulte Styrker. Institutioner, reservater og inspiration. Gyldendal Public 2010. 187 p.