Force of the Ensemble

    Understanding teams of specialists
    An online workshop discovering valuable insights into the world’s most highly refined and effective teams – the musical ensemble.  By working with professional musicians, leaders are invited to explore the parallels that exist between the musical ensemble and organisational teams, thus facilitating increased efficacy when leading high-performance teams of specialists.

    The Force of the Ensemble tranforms important aspects of ensemble performance and rehearsal into tangible and thought provoking demonstrations for any organisation’s team culture.

    Collaboration – from silo to synthesis
    Similar to organisations with different functions, the musicians each represent their own functions and roles in the collaboration. The key to a good and fruitful collaboration is a deep understanding of the interdependency of all team members and a sensitive co-play.

    Communication – are you really listening?
    Most organisations are aiming for dialogues in their teams and nurturing virtues of listening and sensitive understanding. However the result is often serial monologues instead of dialogues, over-informing level of detail, typically in a top-down style, lacking priority rather than mutual sensitivity and meaningful interactions.
    In a musical ensemble the need for deep listening and ability to give space to each other is crucial to the success of any project.

    Rehearsal – the road to excellence
    How does a musical ensemble approach a new and complex project?
    In this demonstration the ensemble will be handed over a score they haven’t seen before and each singer will share ideas and suggestions through the work itself rather than with endless debates. They will explore possibilities through a series of prototyping and refinement, highly efficient and with no time wasted.

    Can you as a leader inspire your teams to use the Force of the Ensemble and musicians’ virtues in meetings, projects and daily collaboration?


    ‘The most thrilling online experience I have had all year!’ Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme alumnus

    ‘Amazing, immersive, changed how I see my own work as a leader.’ IBM Diploma delegate

    The Force of the Ensemble is designed as a standalone workshop or as a complementary session to the original Conducting Leadership live workshop.

    Facilitation and tailoring the Force of the Ensemble for your organisation

    Victoria Ely

    Peter Hanke